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Ride or Die is Overrated. Yeah, I said it.

adam levine

I was sitting in the car at a red light today, and Locked Away by R. City featuring Adam Levine came on the radio. And all of a sudden, I was furious. FURIOUS. IRATE. INCENSED. You get the picture. Here are the lyrics, just in case you’ve been living under a rock or you hate Adam Levine (who am I kidding…no one hates Adam Levine):

If I got locked away
And we lost it all today
Tell me honestly, would you still love me the same?
If I showed you my flaws
If I couldn’t be strong
Tell me honestly, would you still love me the same?
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When Your Dad’s in Prison…A Little Father’s Day Humor from the Offspring of the Incarcerated


I wrote out a big long whiny post about why I’m sad and angry that, for my children, Father’s Day is just another reminder of the dad they don’t currently have. My ex husband, the father of my 5 children, is in prison, where he has been for the majority of my kids’ lives.
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The Lament of the Single Mother

Three months old with chubby legs and big, round shining eyes
That look at me in confusion as I walk away,
Leaving you with a stranger in a strange, sterile place.
You start to cry as I disappear
And I cry, too.
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It Takes a Village: Why I Cried the “Ugly Cry” this Mother’s Day

Yesterday I got a Mother’s Day card from my son, Ovaka, and I cried the ugly cry. You know the one I’m talking about – where you gasp for breath and your face contorts into what can only be described as gargoyle-esque deformity and snot drips liberally down your face. I was alone, thank goodness, when I opened the card, but just thinking about it makes tears spring to my eyes at the most inconvenient times. I miss my son. Continue reading