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We Are All Connected

Several years ago, I was working as a 9th grade World Geography teacher, and I somehow got involved in a conversation about economically disadvantaged students. I remember one colleague going on and on about how “those kids” were a drain on community resources and how we as teachers shouldn’t have to be responsible for students who clearly don’t want to be at school, and whose parents are not supportive of their children’s educational needs. I remember sitting quietly for a while and taking it in before asking her whether she thought our collective shunning of “those kids” would have any negative impact on her life personally. She immediately said that it absolutely would not have any effect on her life, and that we should just send those kids home and let them lie in the beds they were making for themselves. She went so far as to say that kids like that LIKE living in poverty because they don’t know any better, and that attempts to pull them out of the cycle would be fruitless because when things got hard they would just revert to what they have known from birth. At this point, I got angry. Continue reading

Loss of Comfort and Security in Our Houses of Prayer and Faith

****This post is a guest post from Reverend Diane Brack Evans.  She is the African American, female pastor of St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church, a predominantly African American church in Sylvania, Georgia.  St. Paul was founded in 1871, and its founding members originally worshipped under a bush arbor until they could erect them a building.  In these piece, Reverend Evans shares her feelings about losing a sense of comfort and safety in our houses of prayer and faith.***

St Paul

Call it what you want. But I call it an act of terrorism – America – the horrific act that happened in Charleston, SC! This could have been the 144 year old Historic St Paul Missionary Baptist Church, where I am blessed to pastor in Sylvania, GA!!

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Conditional Outrage

**A guest post from LaShawn Williams-Schultz, one of our FEMWOC sisters**

I’ve spent a lot of time on Facebook discussing riots and protests, and defending the humanity of hurting people and protesters to “concerned observers” that can’t understand “why people would destroy their own community.” Yet, now that someone else has come in and killed within “our own community” these same “concerned individuals” with opinions on “how not to get shot” are surprisingly quiet and shamefully oblivious. Continue reading

An Act of Terror in a House of Faith


On Wednesday night, people of faith were at Emanuel AME Church, a house of faith, at the weekly Bible Study.  As with other churches, anyone (whether he or she is a member or believer or not) is welcome to join in and participate.  So, it is likely that no one noticed the shooter when he walked in or if they did, they were simply happy that he had decided to come.

According to reports, the shooter sat in the church in their midst for more than an hour — listening to people pray and sing — before he opened fire, shooting nine people.

I do not know why he did it, and the truth is no excuse or reason that he could proffer would change the fact that he committed an act of terror in a house of faith.

As a nation, we should rise up as one in condemnation of his actions as terrorism and him as a terrorist.  Anything less is unforgivable.