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Why My Voice Should Count For More Than One Vote

Black and white hand drawn comic with 12 men and one woman sitting around a table. All of the men are looking at the woman. Text reads, "Well, you're the only one who thinks we're a sexist organisation."

This comic has appeared in my newsfeed several times in the last week. It captures what many of us feel when we are the minority in any given situation. It captures the overwhelming feeling of loneliness when faced with the contrast of your difference. It captures why I don’t want a seat at the table.

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New Feature: Dear FEMWOC

*We are starting a new feature where people can anonymously submit questions to the community in an effort to cultivate constructive and sincere conversations in a place that is safe for WoC. We would like the community to engage by answering the questions in the comments section.* Continue reading


I almost overlooked my husband. Actually, I did overlook and dismiss my husband upon meeting him. When I saw him, I thought, “Maybe I’ll marry that guy.” Immediately I corrected myself, “No, he is Mormon, and he is white.” I’m a convert, and based on the things I learned and behavior I observed, I thought good Mormons did not marry people outside of their race. Translation: Good Mormons only married other good Mormons who were also white. My fear of never being able to marry in this life is one of the reasons I left the Church when I was 17. Based on the things I was taught in church, I believed and was told that it was unlikely that I would get married before I reached the Celestial Kingdom. That is the last thing a hormonal teen wants to be told.

White is the epitome of righteousness and purity throughout Mormon culture. It is no wonder that that same ideal is perpetuated in our relationships with one another. We are part of a religion that believes that righteousness can be manifested physically through one’s appearance.

The cultural teachings and practices of the Church in the Mormon Corridor coupled with my own race based self-hatred greatly impacted my short-lived dating life, decision to marry, and sex life.I learned when I was young that being a good Mormon meant emulating whiteness and setting aside blackness.

If I really wanted to be righteous, I was going to have to marry and that meant marrying white.

If you want to hear more about how the cultural and doctrinal practices of the Church have impacted WoC’s personal and sexual relationships, come to the FEMWOC panel in the Crimson View room on July 31, 2015 at 3:45 PM.

MAD MAX: A FEMWOC Movie Review

Five women stand in a staggered line in the foreground and middleground of the photo in an empty desert. The women are of varying ethnicities. All women are thin and dressed in a linen cloth like material

Five women stand in a staggered line in the foreground and middleground of the photo in an empty desert. The women are of varying ethnicities. All women are thin and dressed in a linen cloth like material.

I saw Mad Max this weekend. I wasn’t going to see it because it definitely looked like it could cause sensory overload*, but all the positive reviews and raves about the feminist attributes convinced me to give it a try in theater. Continue reading

I Love My Privilege!

There’s a grown up version of cooties, and we all have it to some degree.

Yes, somehow the meaning of the word privilege has ended up seriously twisted. You tell someone that they might be privileged and those are fightin’ words. Call them bougie, they probably nod their heads in agreement. But call them privileged, and they’ll deny or point fingers at other, “more privileged” individuals or do just about anything to avoid being tagged as having privilege. Continue reading

I Don’t Want A Colorblind God

I recently watched a video that a young black man named Will Stack made after he was stopped in traffic and was NOT harassed, abused, shot, or killed by a policeman. Continue reading