“Doers of the Word” – Continuation of Book Discussion

Thank you for joining us for our discussion of the book “Doers of the Word”: African-American Women Speakers and Writers in the North (1830-1880) by Carla L. Peterson during Black History Month.  Because the book is full to the brim with thought-provoking passages, because it is about African American women, and because March is Women’s History Month, we will be continuing our discussion.  For more details, check out our earlier post that outlines the book discussion concept.

As a kickoff to this month’s discussion, I want to share (again) one of the quotes from the book that struck a chord with me.

The quote is from Sarah Parker Remond  and it addressed her ongoing struggle against racial prejudice and oppression in these poignant words:

In joy or sorrow, whether pursuing the pleasures or business of life, it [prejudice against colour] has thrust itself like a huge sphinx, darkening my pathway, and, at times, almost overwhelming the soul constantly called to meet such a conflict.

I have been blessed with many opportunities.  In the midst of those blessings, however, I find myself constantly battling the ever-present racial prejudice and oppression that I have experienced throughout my fifty-eight years on earth. 

As Remond wrote, there are days when the racial prejudice and oppression threaten to overwhelm me and to crush my spirit.  But like Remond and the other women who are the subjects of “Doers of the Word” and like so many other women of color around the world, I just “keep on keeping on.”

I invite you to join in the continuing exploration of “Doers of the Word” so that we may, collectively and individually, learn from the courageous women highlighted therein and develop our own strategies for overcoming not only racial prejudice and oppression but all forms of prejudice and oppression.

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