Black History Month Book Discussion

Doers of the word

As we round out our first blog year and move into our second, we have decided to make a greater effort to focus on identity and awareness months. Today marks the first day of Black History Month. We thought we would try something new and feature a book that we can read and discuss together.

We have selected Doers of the Word: African American Women Speakers and Writers in the North. You can download a copy through the Kindle app or have one shipped to your home. This book features African-American women preachers, lecturers, and writers from the North from 1830-1880. I will be reading this book for the first time along with anyone else who chooses to participate, so for a more comprehensive review please see the Amazon summary.

Each week, we will cover 2 chapters. We will post a blog about the chapters each Monday and open the comments up to discussion. We ask that all related comments be posted on the FEMWOC website to aid in unified interactive discussion. We hope you will find the time and will have a desire to participate as we read about historical African-American women who were engaged in social justice action and work. I’m sure this will be a very enriching and enlightening experience!

3 responses to “Black History Month Book Discussion

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