Here at FEMWOC, we are taking a break for the rest of the holiday season, but we wanted to leave you with plenty of material to binge watch during your holiday vacation or break.  For those on winter break or vacation this holiday season, we found a few shows to get you through the season or until Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder release new episodes in February. Here are a few shows that star a person of color that we have either watched and liked or have added to our own watch list.If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment.

Words say Empire and Fox. Picture of season 1 Empire logo with a woman, Cookie Lyon, looking at the camera, and the man, Luscious Lyon, is dressed nicely with his back towards the camera. He is looking over his shoulder at the camera.

Empire. If you are not watching this show, you should be. Empire has an award winning cast that features guest appearances by top pop and hip-hop artists. It also addresses homophobia within the hip-hop and black community.

Aziz Ansari’s new show, Master of None, was  released in November on Netflix and is a Netflix original. The show follows Ansari as he pursues an acting career and love in New York City, while examining what it means to be a privileged Indian-American son of immigrants living in NYC.

Blackish is a sitcom that follows a Black-American upper middle class family in this comedy that examines what it means to aspire to giving your children more than you had and the unintentional costs that come from obtaining the American ideal.

Being Mary Jane just completed its third season on BET. Gabrielle Union stars in this one hour drama as an ambitious news anchor that must balance, family, career, friends, dating, and being a thirty-something single black woman in America.

Cristela is a campy comedy that follows a young Mexican-American woman in law school as she tries to negotiate both career and family and cultural expectations.

Fresh Off the Boat features a Taiwanese-American family in the 1990’s who move to Florida to start their business and achieve the American dream.

The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl is a two season internet show featuring J, an awkward black woman, as she fumbles through relationships, work, and life generally.

Text reads Jane the Virgin. Jane is pictured holding a positive pregnancy test.

Jane the Virgin. Jane, a devout Catholic virgin infatuated with telenovelas, finds that she is now living and starring in her own telenovela-esque plot line and is pregnant due to an accidental artificial insemination.

Again, we have not seen all of these, and several shows have been both celebrated for their broadly relatable characters and story lines, as well as critiqued for falling short (Fresh Off the Boat has probably been the most heavily criticized).  These are some of the few shows carrying the weight and responsibility of representation. None of these shows are perfect, but each contributes to the overall direction of how the media may represent minorities in the future. Let us know what you think of these shows and any others in the comments.

Happy binging!


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