FEMWOC Does Sunstone: The Unseen Costs of Brown and Black Skin

The FEMWOC Sunstone Panel is less than a week away! We’re getting real and discussing some hard but important truths about what it’s like to be a brown or black body in the church and in the world at large today.

Think the School-to-Prison Pipeline only affects those who are caught up in the system and incarcerated? Think again. We’ll be discussing the ways in which this system adversely affects the lives of women of color and their children.

school to prison pipeline

Additionally, several of the FEMWOCEES are biracial or multiracial, and being biracial brings with it its own set of complications. Come listen to us share what it means to be the “right” kind of light, how being biracial has affected our identities and personal intimate relationships, and the long-term effects of Brigham Young’s racism on the lives of brown and black church members. There is a hidden tax on brown and black bodies, and membership “costs more” emotionally, physically, and spiritually when you’re not white.

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