Conditional Outrage

**A guest post from LaShawn Williams-Schultz, one of our FEMWOC sisters**

I’ve spent a lot of time on Facebook discussing riots and protests, and defending the humanity of hurting people and protesters to “concerned observers” that can’t understand “why people would destroy their own community.” Yet, now that someone else has come in and killed within “our own community” these same “concerned individuals” with opinions on “how not to get shot” are surprisingly quiet and shamefully oblivious.

It hurts, folks.

Your caring and your empathy is more conditional than your outrage.

I know, I know, you want to “get all the facts” and “hear both sides of the story” before you condemn anything or anyone. Well the shooter is alive and can’t be put on administrative leave while the investigation is pending, this time. You’ll get your story. Because it’s obvious that the facts of 9 church members dying are not as important as understanding who the shooter is, why he did what he did, and how you can distance yourself from him as the good gun owners, or the good Christians, or the good white people.

Will you look at your hesitation to condemn the white shooter and your lack of hesitation to condemn black protesters?

Your hesitation is costing you in relationships. Your hesitation is diminishing your capacity for empathy. Your hesitation is hurting our healing process. Ours, as a black community, and ours as a community of human beings.

It’s like groundhog day being Black in America sometimes. I see 6 more weeks of cold distant racist neutrality. I yearn for the warmth of summer’s love.

One response to “Conditional Outrage

  1. This. So much this.

    Copying a Jezebel commenter: “…[white] people are still blaming what happened to those innocent people on mental illness. White people must be humanized at all costs. Notice that when the police found him, they gave him a vest and didn’t handcuff him. The life of a white man who kills black people has value but the life of a black child who holds a fake gun doesn’t. A 12 year old black child deserves to be killed according to some folks in this fucking country. White supremacy is a helluva drug.”


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