Help Us Fund Our New Logo!

received_10155630804065438Have you noticed our amazing new blog  banner? We commissioned the super talented Jerilyn Hassell Pool to create a logo and banner for us, and she agreed to create it at well below her usual $600 fee because she is extremely generous and is a staunch ally to Women of Color who knew that because we are few in number and do not have any funding other than our own personal pocketbooks, we could never afford her usual price. And while we love and appreciate her for that, as feminists we also believe that women should receive payment that reflects the quality of their work, and Jerilyn’s work is of the finest quality.

So, we’ve started a gofundme campaign to help us pay for the quality work we received. If you call yourself an ally, here’s your chance to literally put your money where your mouth is. Please support FEMWOC as we raise funds to pay Jerilyn what she deserves for making us such an amazing banner and logo.

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