FEMWOC: A Very Brief History of Origin

femwoc grass

Last year in the early fall, the Mormon bloggernacle became a weird and challenging place to be a feminist woman of color.

It felt like all around us, particularly in certain facebook groups, threads and posts about race and racism blew up, turned ugly, and went south in a hurry! Sisters of color became fatigued by the constant need to push back, educate, and defend, and one by one started tapping out of the conversations and leaving the groups that suddenly felt overwhelmingly hostile and exhausting. The Feminist Mormon Housewives facebook group was one of the places where many of the offensive posts and threads appeared, which put the few of us who were both Women of Color AND fMh group moderators/permabloggers in an awkward and stressful position. Under these conditions, my friend and co-fMh moderator Gina Colvin messaged me, and we discussed the disheartening number of Women of Color who were leaving fMh because the environment felt too toxic to remain. We lamented over the loss of our sisters, and wondered what we could do to create a better support system for Women of Color within the bloggernacle. While trying to brainstorm ideas for how to create this support, I recalled a comment my cousin Eva made when she and I participated in an episode of the Feminist Mormon Housewives podcast. I remember Eva talking about how healing it was for her to find safe spaces for women of color that were led BY women of color FOR women of color. Gina and I discussed this idea, and after hashing out some details, our FEMWOC group was born.

FEMWOC initially was formed to fill a specific need for a relatively small group of women, but it very, very quickly became something much more than a little support group for WoC who felt burned out by fMh. I think we all realized that we had stumbled upon something really special when the conversations started flowing. We have stories. We have strength. We have powerful energy and fire and excitement. So, we invite you to come and sit with us. Hear our stories. Share your own. Spread the word.



2 responses to “FEMWOC: A Very Brief History of Origin

  1. Is there a facebook that goes with this? And if so, what is the link to it?


  2. I began to lose interest in FMH maybe a year or two after guest posting: http://www.feministmormonhousewives.org/2008/06/colours-by-feminist-mormon-of-color/

    Happy to have found this blog, and looking forward to invigorating conversations without the need to teach third wave feminism, intersectionality, or Ethnic Studies 101.


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